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The "6 Brains" of Results Plus Fitness 


Expert Level Personal Training

Results Plus starts with expert level personal training, we set up a schedule where you work 1 on 1 with your own personal trainer every week!


Massage Therapy

To help keep you fully recovered, operating at your optimal performance, and feeling your absolute best, we have a massage therapist on staff.  



The monitor makes sure your entire process at Results Plus is smooth, and that you stay on track.


Nutrition Services 

Results Plus philosophy believes that working out with your trainer is only one piece of the puzzle. Eating the right food, at the right times will help maximize your time in the gym. 


Life Coaching

This is truly a change in lifestyle, for members that want the extra step, life coaching is available to stay on track with all our programs. 


Physical Therapy

We want to keep you injury free and also help you heal from your injuries as well, that's why we have an on-staff physical therapist available to you.